Now with More Vitamin C

Vitamin C + E Antioxidant Serum

  • Helps protect the skin from free radicals

  • Helps to minimises pigmentation marks

  • Assists in preventing premature skin ageing

SIZE: 30ml

Low irritation Vitamin C formula

A revolutionary, highly stable vitamin C serum to help combat sun-induced damage to the skin, help trigger collagen production, increase the skin’s elasticity and density, as well as improve the skin’s texture and brighten the complexion.

Contains a medium concentration of lipid soluble vitamin C for enhanced penetration and stability. This formula also contains vitamin E, which synergistically boosts the overall antioxidant effect. The level of vitamin C in C-Tetra is very well tolerated by people sensitive to vitamin C irritation and is ideal for people in their 20’s and 30’s who are new to vitamin C skin care The high stability means that the vitamin C does not degrade over time, making C-Tetra a highly potent serum which is safe to use.

To learn more about the importance of the stability of vitamin C please visit our science section.