Rechargeable Vitamin C™

  • Highly potent Vitamin C serum

  • Provides antioxidant protection

  • Helps prevent the skin from premature skin ageing

  • Stabilised with additional antioxidants

SIZE: 30ml (2 x 15ml)

Stabilised 15% Vitamin C Serum

Potent vitamin C is clinically proven to have anti-ageing benefits. Pure C15 helps protect the skin against free radicals, while helping to minimise the formation of dark spots for a visibly brighter skin tone and improved texture and firmness. Pure C15 uses vitamin E and L-Glutathione to help stabilise the formula which has undergone extensive stability testing. Pure C15 is presented in two bottles to maximise potency and each bottle is filled under nitrogen. The pH of the solution is optimised for reduced irritation while keeping the formula highly active and allowing effective penetration.

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