Cosmetic Tattooing, also known as microblading, feathering and micropigmentation, is a great way to save time and look great even with a busy lifestyle. You can play sport, swim, eat, wash your hair, sleep, perspire and still look great! The tattooing lasts for 2 - 6 years and the cost per day for this convenience is minimal.

The staff at Visible Effects have undergone intensive accredited training to ensure great client results and absolute safety.


Areas that may be treated with cosmetic tattoo (micro pigmentation) include:
• Eyebrows - including feathering technique
• Eyeliner
• Beauty spots
• Cosmetic tattooing can also be used to enhance features or correct problem areas such as missing eyebrow hair.

People that may benefit from tattooing:
• Busy women
• Actors/models/athletes
• Vision impaired people
• Alopecia sufferers
• Post-surgery patients for repigmentation or
• camouflage

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