Professional Peels

Facial peels can be a tool in your quest for healthy, beautiful-looking skin. Ultraceuticals Facial Peels are carefully formulated to clear away a dull-looking, uneven surface texture, a peel can reveal a fresher, glowing complexion beneath, giving your skin care routine the boost it needs to achieve your best-ever skin.


Lactic Acid Peel

This high-powered peel delivers fast results and works to resurface and improve skin’s moisture levels while restoring clarity and luminosity. Perfect for reducing the early signs of ageing including fine lines, wrinkles and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, this treatment helps to hydrate and refine the skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth. KEY CONCERNS: dry, dehydrated, lack lustre


Mandelic Acid Peel

Mandelic Acid is found in its natural form in almonds, and is a potent ingredient for reducing the dead cells on our skin’s surface. In skin treatments, it is used to combat the blotchiness of hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. It is also beneficial for patients with acne. Thanks to the clearing of dead skin cells, Mandelic Acid can help to minimise pores and alleviate acne symptoms, as well as targeting skin discolouration. KEY CONCERNS: problematic, breakout skin.