Visible Effects is aware many people are tired, over-worked and sometimes sick, know they should be eating the right foods, exercising regularly and taking nutritional supplements. It's often easy to get confused, with all the different information that's available out there. Many people are not sure what dietary advice is best for them, or they find it hard to exercise, and are unsure of which supplements are best for them. It can be hard to achieve wellness if you are sure where to start, so allow our experienced naturopath to aid you on your path to wellness.



Metagenics Wellness Programs:

  • Our Naturopath uses science and practitioner only products to achieve your goals through individualised treatment plans which may include some of the programs listed below, as well as lifestyle interventions, diet changes, meditation and optional escorted Retreats. Private Health Fund rebates available for those with eligible cover.

Wellness Program - Wellness is not just the absence of disease, wellness is about achieving optimal health. Ever wondered which health products really do promote good health? Are you looking for a simple and proven solution for improving your health? Then the wellness program may just be for you! Want to know more:

      Detoxification Program - Do you have digestive problems? Do you feel tired and unhealthy? Do you have difficulty thinking clearly? Do you have skin problems? Do    you have allergies, sinus or dark circles under your eyes? Do you have bad breath or body odour? Then try the detoxification program to detoxify effectively with practitioner-only, science-based products and one-on-one naturopathic support. Want to know more:

  • Shake It Program (Weight Loss) - Lose fat, look great and feel healthier with the Shake It weight loss program. This clinically proven, safe & easy to follow, and practitioner-only program will help you to achieve your ideal healthy weight effortlessly. Want to know more:

Naturopathic Consults: 

For more information or to book and appointment with our qualified naturopath, please call us on (03) 5022 8000.