Seven sensational Make-up brushes designed to work with Visible Effects makeup. Each brush will help you creat a clean, air brushed look and ensure you get the beautiful look you want.

Foundation Kabuki Brush made from luxurious soft hairs provides even application of face and body.

Blush brush will evenly distribute the mineral blush and shimmers over the face leaving a flawless finish every time.

Encased in a sleek cover for on-the-go convenience, this lip brush helps create a pretty pout in seconds! The professional length brush is designed flawless application of lip colour every time.

Eyeliner brush to create a range of eyeliner looks fromt he most natural to the most dramatic. A quality, durable brush, specifically designed for achieving a fine line along the upper and lower lashes. Can be used dry or wet for greater impact.

Eyeshadow brush perfect for using with mineral eye shadows. It helps to achieve flawless coverage easily.

Conclear Brush - The smooth bristles allow concentrated coverage for concealer products give extra coverage that blends flawlessly.

Eyebrow Brush - Give perfect shape and colout to your eyebrows with this angled brush head for flawless application.